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Industries & Products


We have market-leading positions in critical, challenging market sectors that help enable the future with innovative, safe and sustainable solutions. We collaborate with our customers to meet the future demands of a rapidly evolving world by providing best-in-class solutions. 

5G and Wireless

 Increasing safety and efficiency without compromising speed and quality of connectivity

  • 5G wireless technology enables a new kind of connectivity that can join virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects and devices at reliable, high speed with unseen capacity and rapidly expanding availability.
  • It allows a more uniform user experience to many more users as well as integrating more new users and industries.
  • The IPS brands provide reticulated foam absorbers and cavity resonance absorbers, flexible reflective components, shielded gasket components, radar flags and towed arrays.


Supporting Optimized Aircraft Availability and Safety

  • We optimize aircraft performance, emission output and fuel economy standards while still meeting strict safety requirements to ensure that passengers can travel safely.
  • Our Elastomer solutions include Fire Barrier, Aerodynamic, Passenger and Cargo Doors, and Pressure Seals, as well as Gaskets, Interior Extrusions and Flexible Rubber Hose Connectors.
  • For aircraft manufacturers and their partners, we also provide Elastomeric tooling for the manufacturing of composite aircraft structures.

Architectural Shielding

Keeping Trade Secrets, Communication and Government Employees Safe by Shielding Rooms or Entire Buildings

  • Companies and government organizations are constantly looking for improved ways of preventing espionage in corporate headquarters, technology centers, data centers and government buildings.
  • The projection of trade secrets, secure communications and personal safety is an ever-growing concern that is receiving increased focus.
  • Our market-leading shielded wallpaper is easy to install and maintain, and has outstanding radiation shielding performance.


Mission-Critical Solutions to Maintain Operational Readiness

  • We support warfighters and Military assets to execute training exercises and missions safely.
  • Our comprehensive solutions include fireproof, Aerodynamic and pressure seals and gaskets for doors, windshields, canopies, access panels, structural bulkheads, wing slats and spoilers.
  • We’re also experts in designing and producing Signature Materials, EMI shielding, aerial refueling and pilot oxygen hoses for all types of Military aircraft, Navy ships, ground vehicles and equipment and weapons systems.

Energy and Power

Enhancing Solutions for More Sustainable Exploration

  • Oil and gas exploration is becoming increasingly more difficult, whether under harsh weather conditions, or on deeper waters, or both.
  • New sustainable solutions are becoming more efficient. Energy and Power industries need specialized and proactive suppliers that can deliver reliable products which are proven to perform and assist in increasing output and reducing operational costs. Where safety and reliability are pivotal, there is no room for error.
  • With many years of experience in supplying high-performance Elastomeric Seals including VulcOrings, Vee Packings, T-seals, U-cups, Rod Wipers, WV Packings, and Piston cups, our products have been developed to provide high sealing efficiency and performance—even in the most inhospitable environments.

Food and Agriculture

Accelerating Efficiency to Feed the World’s Growing Population

  • We are a large-scale supplier of custom Drive, Feed, Surface Wrap and Conveyance Rubber Coated Rollers used in the Food and Agriculture industry.
  • From complete roller manufacture to rubber reconditioning or roller repair, we can scale up to meet customer needs.
  • Our skilled technicians, combined with our superior engineering and quality assurance capabilities, mean that we deliver a streamlined solution to all OEMs and end-users.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Inspiring Solutions to Support Customer Goals

  • The diverse nature of this market requires us to develop and tailor products and services specifically, so that each customer has a sealing solution that is  effective in their particular market and application. 
  • We have a robust team of tenured engineers able to take on any challenge, from problem-solving and innovation to supplying the best possible solutions. 
  • We work successfully in a wide variety of industries with an advanced and extensive Elastomeric Seals range that meets the demand of a broad range of manufacturing and industrial disciplines.


Effective and Innovative Solutions for Restoring and Maintaining Health

  • We understand the demanding requirements that come with serving a broad range of Medical Device segments, so we consistently challenge our processes, products, and solutions to ensure we are market leaders.
  • We supply high-performance sealing materials and solutions, optimized for demanding and performance-critical applications within the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry. These include standard Encapsulated Seals and Micro Seals as well as engineered, bespoke inflatable, molded solutions.
  • Our expertise in liquid and high consistency Silicones and Organic Molded Rubber ensures customer satisfaction from concept prototypes to high-volume production.


Amplifying Robots Beyond the Assembly Line

  • Advancements in Robotics have revolutionized the Distribution industry. Consumer packaged goods, food and beverage and retail distribution have vastly improved efficiencies from Robotics implementation.
  • Our Engineering and Material Sciences have been at the forefront of the Robotics industry’s product development. We’ve developed Polyurethane and Rubber formulations for Drive and Caster Wheels that thrive in many severe-duty Robotics industry applications.
  • Our materials offer superior abrasion resistance properties that transition into extended longevity and service life.


Ever-Expanding Processing in Smaller Envelopes

  • The Semiconductor industry lives and dies by a simple creed—smaller, faster and cheaper.
  • The benefit of being minuscule is simple: finer lines mean more transistors can be packed onto the same chip. The more transistors on a chip, the faster it can do its work.
  • Supplying high purity, quality critical products for High Vacuum Semiconductor applications, we provide Advanced Sealing Solutions for some of the world’s most demanding and quality critical applications.


Dedicated to Manned and Unmanned Space Mission and Exploration

  • We are experienced in delivering safe, reliable solutions that support space assets for satellite launches, exploration, space security and human flights.
  • We provide Ablative materials for thermal protection and customized seals. This includes our unique temperature and pressure-resistant Astra Seals® that perform under extreme conditions.


All products are rigorously tested to ensure that they conform to the design and will operate reliably. We can perform a wide range of physical, mechanical and kinematic tests on the seal configurations to validate lifecycle performance, material properties, deflection loads, and changes in geometry and deterioration over time and exposure to different environmental elements.

Aerodynamic Seals

Sharp Focus on Aerodynamic Efficiency

  • Our specialization in Aerodynamics is one of our greatest strengths, as we’ve worked with almost every type of Aerodynamic seal or system. 
  • We offer both standard and custom designs developed for efficient assembly, ease of maintenance and reliable service. 
  • Our range includes seals for wings and moving surfaces, including complex Aerodynamic semi-structural seal systems, fabricated seals and extrusions for wing seals, doors and hatches, interior couplings, inflatable cockpit canopy seals and fuselage fairings. 
  • We specialize in the fusion of numerous materials to enable the performance of a seal to be optimized. This includes the interfusion of composite or metallic materials with a wide range of flexible Polymers reinforced with textiles, including glass cloth, Nextel and polyester. 
  • We manufacture seals in a comprehensive range of configurations with metal or composite inserts for enhanced strength and easy mounting. We use both Silicones, Flour Silicone and Polychloroprene (Neoprene) formulations. From Omega and P-seals to whole assembly sections, we meet the most challenging briefs with extensive facilities, scalable production capacity and speedy turnaround. 

Astra Seals®

A Unique Extreme Temperature and Pressure Sealing Solution

  • The Astra Seal® was created by an Aerospace engineer to combat the harsh environments associated with liquid oxygen and the problems associated with sealing other cold media, such as liquid nitrogen and hydrogen. There is no better seal for cryogenic applications.  
  • Astra Seal® has been successfully used in several space shuttle/rocket launches and a multitude of other demanding applications by organizations such as Boeing, NASA and Lockheed. 
  • Our seals cope perfectly with extremely low temperatures which make most O-rings brittle, which, in turn, leads to failure. Extended rigorous testing in harsh environments has shown that our Astra Seal® outperforms FFKM for the compression set. Comprising 302 stainless flat wound ribbon springs encapsulated in either a FEP or PFA Teflon™ jacket to form an O-ring, Astra Seals® span a temperature range from -250˚C to +260˚C (-420˚F to +500˚F).  

Conductive EMI and RFI Shielding Elastomers

Long Life in Critical Applications. High Chemical, Fuel and Solvent Resistant. Wide Usable Temperature Range.

  • Our ability to combine EMI shielding and traditional sealing technology, integrated with customer components, provides electrical conductivity between mating surfaces while ensuring environmental protection as well as vibration isolation. Shielding performance is outstanding for EMI, RFI and high-frequency emission. EMI requirements can be met by molding in place, extruding continuous lengths, die-cutting from sheet and vulcanizing to metal, composite and a wide range of other materials.  
  • In addition to our custom material formulations, we are one of a few manufacturers certified on the QPL for all MIL-DTL-83528 material types. We manufacture and test our materials at our state-of-the-art facilities, and we can fabricate custom designs in multiple locations. With our unique development and production capabilities, we can formulate to customer-specific shielding requirements while also meeting environmental application needs. Designs and material formulations can be tailored to individual applications. 
  • High-speed processors and high-density electronic packages generate significant heat that can compromise the performance and lifetime of computing devices and electronic systems. We have developed proprietary Thermal Elastomers to help protect electronics through effective thermal management.  
    • Our Elastomers are filled with thermally conductive materials and shielding, which remove and distribute heat buildup for reliable and efficient system operations. Materials can be formulated to either isolate heat or effectively conduct and transfer the heat buildup.  
    • Our Elastomer Thermal Pads fill the gaps between the heat-generating components and heat-dissipating surfaces (heat sinks) to maximize thermal dissipation, while forming an electrically insulating layer between the two surfaces. These materials can be used with or without a reinforcing carrier.  
    • With unique development and production capabilities, we can custom formulate unique Thermal Management materials and designs. Configurations and material formulations can be tailored to individual applications. 

Custom Liquid Silicone and Rubber Molded Components

Medical Grade Elastomer and Tight Tolerance Silicone Components for Class I and Class ll Medical Devices

  • With ISO 13485 certification and FDA registration, we offer scalable solutions using tested and proven molding and processing technology.  
  • Our experienced engineering and tooling group gives us the advantage to go from prototype to millions of parts, allowing our customers to achieve their quality and volume targets.  
  • We leverage 40 years of expertise in liquid and high consistency silicones and organic molded rubber to ensure customer satisfaction from concept prototypes through high-volume production. 

Our Brands

The Integrated Polymer Solutions portfolio of market-leading brands provides world-class polymer solutions from eight facilities across the US and the UK. Led by experienced executives, each location serves specific business needs but all share a culture of superior execution and customer service. 

ABBA Roller

World Leader in Rubber and Chrome Rollers

Since 1959, ABBA Roller has been the world-leading provider of new and reconditioned, high-precision rubber and chrome.

The brand’s sole mission is to supply customers with the highest precision and tightest tolerances available for complete newly manufactured and reconditioned Rubber and Chrome Rollers.

With unmatched rubber chemistry and engineering capabilities, ABBA Roller leverages custom formulation designs to meet critical requirements and also provides in-house compounding of all elastomeric materials that are batch tested for quality and consistency in our Chemistry Laboratory.

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AkroFire is a leading engineering company specializing in fire and thermal management solutions for the aerospace industry. Founded in 1990, they serve the OEM, Aftermarket, and Defense sectors, providing affordable solutions for fire and thermal protection problems. Their products include interior solutions, composite firewall, high temperature insulation systems, and fireproof composite products, with their expertise in FR technologies making them an ideal partner for OEMs and commercial airlines.

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Icon Aerospace Technology

Highly Engineered Bespoke Sealing and Rubber Hose Solutions

With roots tracing back to 1863, Icon Aerospace Technology specializes in innovative and technologically advanced engineered solutions in Aerospace and Defense markets. A technology-led brand, Icon Aerospace Technology is a world leader in highly engineered products utilizing Polymers for Sealing, Containment, Propulsion and Protection Systems worldwide. Solving complex technical challenges, the brand creates future-facing solutions which minimize weight and optimize performance and value for our customers.

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IRP Medical

Creative Solutions for Critical Problems

IRP Medical provides unparalleled Critical-To-Function Elastomeric solutions to complex problems. Since 1980, IRP Medical has been focused on liquid silicone and rubber molded engineered components for the Medical Device industry.

With ISO 13485 certification and FDA registration, the company offers scalable solutions using tested and proven molding and processing technology. An experienced engineering and tooling group allows customers to go from prototype to millions of parts—seamlessly achieving quality and volume targets.

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