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IPS develops and manufactures Advanced Materials with a focus on Engineered Elastomers, Signature Materials and Biomedical Solutions.


Founded in





A Mission of Innovation

From our inception, IPS has led the way in the development of Advanced Materials focusing on Engineered Elastomers, Signature Materials and Biomedical Solutions.


Company founded


Merral Family
acquires company


Sanders Family
acquires company

May 2014

Integrated Polymer Solutions (IPS) formed Northern Engineering Sheffield (NES)
(founded 1983)

July 2019

Arcline Investment Management
acquires company

December 2019

Icon Aerospace Technology
(founded 1963)

August 2020

MAST Technologies
(founded 2009)

February 2021

ABBA Roller
(founded 1959)
acquisition IRP Medical
(founded 1980)

June 2021

Swift Textile Metalizing (STM)
(founded 1955)

August 2021

Seal Science
(founded 1982)

December 2022

(founded 1990)

Our Mission

With our deep design engineering and manufacturing expertise, we enable our customers to provide quality OEM products efficiently to their customers.

Market Leaders. World-Class Solutions.

The IPS portfolio of market-leading brands provides world-class Advanced Materials from eight facilities across the US and the UK. Our primary business streams include Engineered Elastomers, Signature Materials and Biomedical Solutions. Led by experienced executives, each brand serves specific needs, but all share a culture of superior execution and customer service.

ABBA Roller

World Leader in Rubber and Chrome Rollers

Since 1959, ABBA Roller has been the world-leading provider of new and reconditioned, high-precision rubber and chrome.

The brand’s sole mission is to supply customers with the highest precision and tightest tolerances available for complete newly manufactured and reconditioned Rubber and Chrome Rollers.

With unmatched rubber chemistry and engineering capabilities, ABBA Roller leverages custom formulation designs to meet critical requirements and also provides in-house compounding of all elastomeric materials that are batch tested for quality and consistency in our Chemistry Laboratory.

For more information, visit: www.abbaroller.com.


AkroFire is a leading engineering company specializing in fire and thermal management solutions for the aerospace industry. Founded in 1990, they serve the OEM, Aftermarket, and Defense sectors, providing affordable solutions for fire and thermal protection problems. Their products include interior solutions, composite firewall, high temperature insulation systems, and fireproof composite products, with their expertise in FR technologies making them an ideal partner for OEMs and commercial airlines.

For more information, visit site.

Icon Aerospace Technology

Highly Engineered Bespoke Sealing and Rubber Hose Solutions

With roots tracing back to 1863, Icon Aerospace Technology specializes in innovative and technologically advanced engineered solutions in Aerospace and Defense markets. A technology-led brand, Icon Aerospace Technology is a world leader in highly engineered products utilizing Polymers for Sealing, Containment, Propulsion and Protection Systems worldwide. Solving complex technical challenges, the brand creates future-facing solutions which minimize weight and optimize performance and value for our customers.

For more information, visit: www.iconaerotech.com.

IRP Medical

Creative Solutions for Critical Problems

IRP Medical provides unparalleled Critical-To-Function Elastomeric solutions to complex problems. Since 1980, IRP Medical has been focused on liquid silicone and rubber molded engineered components for the Medical Device industry.

With ISO 13485 certification and FDA registration, the company offers scalable solutions using tested and proven molding and processing technology. An experienced engineering and tooling group allows customers to go from prototype to millions of parts—seamlessly achieving quality and volume targets.

For more information, visit: www.irpmedical.com.

MAST Technologies

Innovative Materials for Integrated Solutions

MAST Technologies designs, develops and manufactures innovative RF, Microwave and EMI-absorbing materials for integration into Defense and Commercial solutions. One of the few US-owned Design and Manufacturing Advanced Materials brands used for Military applications, MAST Technologies delivers a robust suite of materials offering Radar Cross Section Reduction, Thermal Protection and Electrical Conductivity for some of the most challenging Military environments. Whether the application requires materials to survive a jet fuel soak, to be corrosion resistant or to travel at supersonic speeds—MAST Technologies has a material that will fit the need.

For more information, visit: www.masttechnologies.com.

Northern Engineering Sheffield (NES)

Dedicated to Advancing Elastomeric Technologies  

Founded in 1983, NES has built a strong global reputation in advancing Elastomeric technologies for attractive markets such as Semiconductor, Medical, Energy and Power and Advanced Industrial.

A key partner for many major OEMs, NES provides effective solutions for a variety of engineering challenges, combining in-depth experience in working with Advanced Materials and a commitment to service and quality. Our trademarks, NCAP®, TECHNIFLATE® and Astra Seal®, provide assurance of the quality NES is renowned for. Purpose-built facilities, carefully planned to ensure efficient seamless production, mean that NES can offer scalable production—from single bespoke products to full-rate production.

For more information, visit: www.nes-ips.com.


A History of Achievement. A Future of Innovation.

With a legacy spanning 110 years, Rubbercraft is an advanced technology, full-capability Polymer solutions provider committed to exceeding customer expectations in Commercial Aerospace, Defense, Space and Industrial Markets.

Rubbercraft’s pedigree in precision-molded and Extruded Elastomeric products, including bonding combinations of materials such as Composite, Metal, Polymer Sheets such as Teflon®, and Fabrics with Elastomers, are second to none. Our customers benefit from our expertise in utilizing these combinations of materials to tailor the specific performance of the end-product in areas such as thermal expansion, stiffness, friction, toughness and even EMI properties.

Our extensive product range includes Aerodynamic seals, fireproof seals, inflatable canopy seals, flexible rubber connectors, space Ablatives, conductive (EMI) solutions and composite fabrication enabling (CFE).

For more information, visit: www.rubbercraft.com.

Swift Textile Metalizing (STM)

Proudly Serving the Next Generation of Defense

STM has provided standard and customer conductive Fabrics for Aerospace, Defense and Commercial applications since 1955.

Offering the industry’s widest selection of Metalized Cloth Solutions, STM has extensive experience in engineering the right combination of Fabric and Metal Alloy. The brand’s EnCap process allows for a wide array of customized Fabric options including custom Metal Alloys, an extensive range of standard Fabrics and the ability to develop fully custom Fabric construction and coatings. The right Alloy can be combined with a range of woven, non-woven and knits in sizes from 1/2-inch to 100-inch widths.

Fabrics may support reflective applications where rigid materials do not work.

For more information, visit: www.swift-textile.com.

Our Leadership Team

David Horner

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Horner has more than 30 years of experience in aerospace and defense. He is responsible for determining the strategic direction and leading the execution of IPS’s key profitable growth initiatives as well as full P&L and balance sheet accountability. Previous experience includes the CEO of Applied Composites, which supplies mission-critical components and assemblies for hundreds of aerospace and defense platforms. Prior to his role at Applied Composites, David led the Polymers and Composites division of Meggitt PLC, with oversight over 12 facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia.

DeAnna Perotta Steinke

Chief Human Resources Officer


Mrs. Perrotta Steinke is a distinguished global HR leader with more than 20 years of experience in the retail, media/entertainment, and aerospace/manufacturing industries. As an accomplished Chief of Staff and Head of Human Resources, she has provided unwavering support to Executive Leadership Teams, propelling organizations to new heights of industry recognition. DeAnna’s innate talent lies in her skillful cultivation of robust partnerships at every level, from executive leadership teams to esteemed Board of Directors. Renowned for her action-oriented approach, DeAnna’s business acumen shines through in her innovative program designs, strategic talent initiatives, and solution-driven implementations that fuel sustainable profit growth.

Laura Siegal

Chief Financial Officer


Mrs. Siegal has over 30 years of experience in financial management, mergers and acquisitions, and divestitures for public, private and private-equity companies. She leads our financial operations and performance, with a focus on the company’s capital structure, financial planning and analysis, risk management and treasury. Her previous experience includes CFO and Partner for Acorn Growth Companies, a private equity firm, CFO for NEOTech, and Principal Accounting Officer, Vice President and Corporate Controller for Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. She is a Certified Public Accountant.

Lasse Ostergaard

Chief Commercial Officer


Mr. Ostergaard has more than 30 years of extensive and global experience in Aerospace, Defense and Space markets leading strategic growth initiatives, both organically and through acquisition. At IPS, he is responsible for the further development of market opportunities and continued strategic growth. Previously, he served in strategic leadership roles at Avantus Aerospace, FMH Aerospace, Eaton Aerospace, GKN Aerospace and Lucas Aerospace.

Vinay Nilkanth

Chief Technology Officer


Mr. Nilkanth has over 30 years of industry experience, including general and executive management, global sales and engineering management, mergers & acquisitions, marketing/branding, ERP selection process, and business process reengineering. He is responsible for IPS’s sales strategy and business development.

David Beare

Vice President, IPS Europe


Mr. Beare has more than 30 years of experience in business and financial management for public and private-equity-held companies. He has held roles in the UK and the US where he was previously CFO of IPS charged with the sale of IPS and the subsequent acquisition of Icon Aerospace Technology. Mr. Beare returned to the UK in 2020 to become the VP and Managing Director of the UK-based operations of IPS, namely NES and Icon Aerospace Technology. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PwC and held a number of board positions at AMG Superalloys before joining IPS in 2014.

Stefan Enjem

Vice President of OPEX and GM at ABBA Roller and IRP Medical


Mr. Enjem’s 20-year career has been dedicated to operational excellence and continuous improvement in the aerospace, automotive, and food and beverage industries. He is passionate about working with people, building relationships, and achieving results.

Cesar Porras

General Manager at Rubbercraft


Mr. Porras brings over two decades of diverse experience in the A&D Space industry. His expertise spans Operational Excellence, Business Development, Engineering, Quality Systems, and Supply Chain. With over two years of experience in smart logistics and massive land and air distribution with Amazon, Cesar previously oversaw SoCal Fulfillment and Air Hub, managing a team of 3800 employees. Prior to Amazon, he held leadership positions with A&D Space tiers, including serving as President of Lamsco West Inc. and Bolsan Inc., Executive Director at ITT Aerospace Controls, and Director of Operations at Crane Co., and a 13-year career with Parker Hannifin Corporation, progressing through technical and leadership roles.

Andrew Sundsmo

General Manager of MAST Technologies


Mr. Sundsmo has over 18 years of experience in the RF absorption, EMI shielding, and stealth technologies sector. Co-founding MAST Technologies and serving as its President since its inception, he orchestrates global strategies and oversees seamless operations across all business segments, propelling MAST to unprecedented growth and profitability. Prior to co-founding MAST, Andrew held positions of applications engineer, global product manager for microwave absorbers, and strategic account program manager over an 8-year career at Laird Technologies.

Tom Roudebush

General Manager at AkroFire


Mr. Roudebush has over 35 years of experience, starting with his tenure at Boeing Wichita from 1985 to 1993. Since then, he has transitioned into the role of General Manager at AkroFire, where he leverages his expertise in fire and thermal management across various projects. Throughout his career, Tom has consistently demonstrated dedication and leadership in the aerospace industry, making significant contributions to the field over several decades.

Jeff Morrisette

General Manager at STM


Mr. Morrisette has over 24 years of experience in aerospace manufacturing, with a diverse background spanning various operational roles. With over 15 years in Operations Management and extensive expertise in Lean manufacturing, including leading over 40 Kaizen Events, he has proven himself as a seasoned leader in the industry. His career journey includes significant roles at Titeflex Corporation as an Aerospace Welder, Wood Group Power Technology Center/Ethos Energy where he progressed from Welder to Production Manager, and Cadence Aerospace where he served as Lean/Safety Leader and JSF Product Manager. Additionally, he held positions at WFI, Inc as Operation Manager, Serco as Plant Manager and Program Manager, and is currently the General Manager at SWIFT Textile Metalizing. Throughout his career, Mr. Morrisette has demonstrated his commitment to excellence, driving operational efficiency, and delivering results across multiple organizations in the aerospace manufacturing sector.

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