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Each of our companies takes a unique approach to transforming raw materials into specialized components of larger OEM assemblies.

With our deep design engineering and manufacturing expertise, we enable our customers to provide quality OEM products to their customers as efficiently as possible.

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Elastomeric Seals & Gaskets

Our elastomeric seals are widely used throughout both commercial and military aircraft, including wing seals such as flap, slat, aileron and spoiler applications; engine nacelle seals including fire barrier seals; airframe seals including door, window, pylon, molded plate, fairing, hatch and access panel seals, and also all interior products that require specific FST (fire, smoke, toxicity) and color matching. Read More >

Elastomeric Tooling for Composites

We have a proven track record of supplying elastomeric tooling solutions for composites fabrication. For more than 25 years we have been developing and delivering cutting edge solutions for composite manufacturing processes that are enabling for our customers and have often resulted in cost and weight savings. Read More >


We manufacture and assemble a variety of high-quality, precision-engineered parts and components using proprietary customized polymer formulations with various reinforcements and surface layers. Read More >

Encapsulated Seals

Our trade-marked NES NCAP™ Encapsulated Seals is an assurance of the quality we are renowned for, market leading encapsulated o-rings which have been proven to last up to three times longer than others. Read More >


VulcOrings (or cord rings) are used in many markets across diverse applications due to profile and material versatility, providing a cost effect sealing solution for end users wishing to avoid expensive tooling costs associated with fully moulded O Rings. Read More >

Inflatable Seals and Profiles

We develop and manufacture high quality, custom made inflatable seals under the NES TECHNIFLATE® brand. These are products/systems used in delivers applications across a wide range of sectors including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, aerospace & defence, nuclear and alternative energy sectors. Read More >

Custom EMI and RFI Gaskets

Our ability to combine EMI RFI shielding and traditional sealing technology, integrated with customer components, provides electrical conductivity between mating surfaces while ensuring environmental protection as well as vibration isolation. Shielding performance is outstanding for EMI, RFI and high frequency emission. Read More >

Precision Moulded Products

We develop and manufacture high quality seamless solutions in any size id for challenging application. Our moulded products offer versatile sealing solutions with a wide ranging high quality material portfolio. Read More >

Eyeguards for Electro-Optics

Used on a variety of mission critical night vision (light enhanced) and thermal optoelectronic (electro-optic) devices for military and law enforcement applications, these Patented light secure shuttered eyeguards, eyecups and eyeshields have been designed for comfort and performance. Read More >

Custom Engineered Solutions

The Integrated Polymer Solutions Group (IPS) can manufacture and assemble a variety of high-quality, precision-engineered parts and components using proprietary customized polymer formulations with various reinforcements and surface layers. Read More >

Rubber Extrusions

We extrude a wide spectrum of profiles in many different rubber compounds. Colour matching and flame retardant materials are a particular area of specialisation, all fabricated from specially formulated elastomers, tailored to exact project requirements. Read More >

Material Competencies

We specialize in manufacturing corded & monolithic composite structures, from both carbon, glass, kevlar fiber reinforced, BMI phenolic, polyimide and silicone resin systems. With decades of experience both manufacturing and repairing composite ducts and plenums, we have a unique capability that is unmatched in the industry. Read More >

Process Competencies

Including hand layup & vacuum bagging on hard tooling, collapsible & soluble mandrels, autoclave & oven cure, CNC ply & core kitting, CNC machining, rubber & Viton® intensifier cauls. Read More >


Autoclave & oven curing, CNC ply cutting, CNC machining, adhesive reticulation, CMM & mechanical testing. We offer the highest quality fabricated composite details and assemblies built to your most demanding specifications utilizing industry best practice processes. Read More >


Mechanical & electrical assembly, painting & finished part knitting. Our assembly service allows us to deliver the complete product, no matter how complex the specification. We have the tooling and equipment to exceed your expectations. Read More >

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